Jersey cards NEW CARDS ADDED!! Jersey cards NEW CARDS ADDED!! Butterflys and Bovines NEW FOR 2011 STORY: Bringing the herd down the rocky path to be moved to a new pasture can be an interesting challenge. As most of the herd has already been transferred, there seems to be just a few stragglers left for the old farmer to encourage the rest of the way. It seems to be a butterfly crossing...they flutter and glide, catching the interest of a few of the Jerseys. Those Jerseys don't miss a thing, from shadows streched across the road to a bunny hiding in a ditch, anything that will slow the process of being put penned up in a pasture for the summer. They would rather stay on the open road where excitement lingers & there's something new around every curve. AVAILABLE AS: cards and the original is still available, but ONLY at the Jersey convention! 129602762 A Labor of Love NEW FOR 2011 STORY: Grandpa's steps are slower and more careful these days. Jessie, her age also showing, keeps him company instead of romping down the road as she use to, hurrying the lagging cows that have fallen behind the herd. Grandpa's strong working days are over but he helps as he can, and someone must bring the cows up the road from the pasture to be milked. He welcomes a chance to be a part of his daughters' working farm. AVAILABLE AS: cards and the original is still available, but ONLY at the Jersey convention! 129602763 Daydreams of a Maiden NEW FOR 2011 STORY: The light morning mist gently falls around everything as the rising sun tries to peak thru and lay the morning on all it touches. The milkmaid has already started her chores. Her day is full of many demanding tasks that give her little time to think about herself. But the soft, warm rays drape her in a caress of a gentle light. For a moment a distant memory touches her, and brings back cherished thoughts of a past time and perhaps a lost love. AVAILABLE AS: cards 8x10 prints non-lithograph 129602764 Sarah NEW FOR 2011 STORY: As she waits for her brothers & sister to catch up Sarah looks back at the farm where she grew up. She sees the soft yellow oat fields ready for harvest, the trickling river where they played as children, the big oak tree with its strong limbs that held the swing that entertained them for so many hours. When they are done milking and head home, she will be greeted with sweet aromas from the kitchen, which drift across the humid air, recalling ever more precious memories. AVAILABLE AS: Cards 8x10 prints non-lithograph 129602765 Season of Contentment NEW FOR 2011 STORY: Late afternoon and the warm rays of the sun stretch across the lush green fields that are the summer home to the small herd of Jerseys. Of the three sisters who come to the field twice a day to hand milk their father's cows, Beth has finished her group first. Her favorite cow, Sparkle, lives up to her name, she has a gentle personality that the milkmaids love. She doesn't fuss, she's very sweet and loves her back getting scratched. This summer will hold memories as its probably the last all the family will be together. It truly has been a season of contentment. AVAILABLE AS: Cards 8x10 prints non-lithograph 129602766 The Pasture NEW FOR 2011 STORY: Late spring, the trees are bursting out with different shades of soft colors, the pastures are beginning to turn lush green. Its an invitation to the herd of Jerseys, just let out of the barn since winter. The soft haze gives an almost surreal feeling. Soon calves will be romping in the warm sunlight, following their mothers, playing with each other, laying in the glowing rays of the afternoon. AVAILABLE AS: Cards 8x10 prints non-lithograph 129602767 The Path Home NEW FOR 2011 STORY: As the snow starts to fall and the wind gently picks up, Grandpa recalls that a few years ago he sold his neighbor three very good cows. Well, his neighbor is retiring and soon to auction everything off so grandpa purchased back the Jerseys. Since his neighbor is just the next farm over, he decided to take Jessie, the dog, and herd them down the road and back home. But these girls were born and raised on Grandpa's farm and they know the way home. AVAILABLE AS: Cards 8x10 prints non-lithograph 129602768 Early Morning Retrivial Cards and Prints available Early Morning Retrieval �2000 Story: As the sun's rays mingle with the morning mist that drifts softly across the lush green pastures behind the old homestead...Anna steps carefully on the cool, wet grass as she retrieves Bessie, the family Jersey cow. This is a chore she has done many times. It seems Bessie feels the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and partakes of it as often as she can by slipping through the old wire barricade. Jessie fancies herself quite a cattle dog, she always accompanies Anna on rounding up the cows or whatever else needs attending on the farm. Jessie loves the early romps in the crisp morning, she never knows what might dart out from under a bush and flee across the path with her in fast pursuit. Available as a large print, Image size 13 x 20 as lithograph 8 x 10 and as 5 x 7 greeting cards. 59534000 Miss Nosey 101851353 Pretty in Purple cards and small prints available Pretty in Purple �2007 Story: As the sun flickers between the trees and leaves, Sparkle has found herself in a field of purplish-blue flowers. Earlier that day as she was grazing along the fence line, she came upon a broken wire. Well, it's true, the grass does look greener on the other side of the fence. So now she's there, on the other side of the fence but the grass tastes the same and she's lost. Soon her owner will be along to retrieve her from her day of exploration. Side note, Sparkle was an actual Jersey cow that we had on our farm at one time but has since passed on to greener pastures. She always made sure the fence line was kept in perfect condition. 59534006 Queens of Autumn cards and prints available Queens of Autumn � 2008 The soft rays of the autumn sun glide easily down thru the brightly colored leaves. Soon the trees will be bare and their branches will hang heavy with snow. . . but this afternoon the Jersey herd will bask in the sun's warmth, as the leaves dance their way down to their final destination. It's only a matter of time before the herd will be brought into the warm barn to stay for the duration of the cold winter months. This is a gentle time of the year, everything is settling in for the arrival of the next season. But, today, all is warm & peaceable for the Queens of Autumn. 59534007 The Farmer's Daughter Cards and Prints Available The Farmer's Daughter �2001 Story: The Farmer's Daughter is a hard working, young woman from the late 1800's. She is honest and true to her dealings with people and her daily chores. She is admired by many and believes in her family ties. She has learned her devotion to life and God from her hard-working parents, who labor the farm that has been in her family for over 100 years. Available as a print with the image size of 16 x 20 and as an 8 x 10 lithograph ...also as a 5 x 7 greeting card. 59534011 The Jersey Girls Cards Available 59534013 Curious Story: The little Jersey heifer can just barely look over the bottom of the wooden dutch door. She hears noises from inside and hopes its feeding time soon and not just noise from the old strap of bells Grandpa hung on the inside of the door as the wind blew against it. Its been snowing all day and she's ready for a place to rest and eat. Even mr. and Mrs. Cardinal are perched in the tree waiting for a handful of cracked corn that the elderly farmer throws out as a treat to his visitors who decorate his barnyard with such pretty color on such a drab day. Cover of Hoard's Dairyman for winter 2012. 5x7 Blank Greeting Cards available, $3 ea. 8x10 Signed Prints available, $20 ea. 12x18 Signed prints available, $40 ea. 172089887 Wait for Me Story: Mom, Wait for can almost hear the little jersey calf calling out. He just woke up from a short afternoon nap in the tall grass, Soaking up the earthly warmth and now hes full of energy. It's been such a wonderful afternoon, the warm sunlight and the soft breezes have filled the pasture with contented cows. The calf runs and jumps around, playing with butterflies and birds and whatever may scoot across the field on wing or foot. Mom turns around to check on her baby, to make sure ha doesn't get out of her sight and perhaps into some trouble. He's only a baby, he has much to learn but with Mama's loving guidance she will teach him. Available as: 5x7 cards 8x10 signed prints 205491163