Saddlebreds Saddlebreds Almost Home 59531301 Oh Baby! From planning the breeding to getting the mare in foal and then a healthy delivery...breeders wait & wait and plan. From trotting next to mom in lush pastures under the warm sun to weaning time and now schools in for the young foal. Lead, Haul, Park, behave...hopefully all leads to a successful showing. A tribute to all the great weanlings that have trotted on the green in Freedom Hall and to all the babies that were great but never had the opportunity to prove it. Avalible as; 5x7 blank Greeting Cards 8x10 Signed prints a larger size also available - please call for more info 715-286-2464 101851350 Summer It's a lazy mid-summer afternoon. The shadows linger under the trees and do not seem to want to stretch out and share their cool shade with the tenants of the pasture. As a butterfly floats softly upon the rays of sunlight, the young foal has caught sight of it. Should he try to follow this visitor and investigate it more thoroughly? Then again, it is hot and mom doesn't seem to share the same interest as she quietly grazes, swishing a fly or two away from time to time. Available As; 5x7 blank Greeting Cards 8x10 Signed prints 101851355 Harnessing the Blues Story: The big bay mare has just made her debut. It was only 2 years earlier she was romping in the fields next to her mother, with the warm sunshine on her back and tall green grass at her feet. Even then, the promise of a champion could be seen in her long, high strides and powerful hocks. She is beginning to fulfill her destiny. She is harnessing the blues that will flow off her chest or side of the bridle as she makes her first, of many to come, victory passes. Available as 5x7 blank Greeting Cards 8x10 Signed prints 59531307 Gracious Green GRACIOUS GREEN 2010 The stately old mansion hides quietly behind the tall, gracious trees that bow gently into each other, casting a cool shade to bring relief to what is going to be a hot day. The carriage has been brought to the stone steps. The big, beautiful team of greys wait patiently along with the driver and Jessie (the dog) for the family to ascend upon them. The family is well known in the neighborhood for taking long carriage drives thru the park each and every Sunday (except for bad weather). The children come too, it is a time of peace and quiet, a time to get reacquainted from the weeks' happenings, to enjoy each others company. Available as; 5x7 blank Greeting Cards 8x10 Signed prints 101851356 Sleighbells and Sweethearts Story: As the cutter glides swiftly and silently thru the snow, Ethan's new harness horse pulls like a dream. As he holds to the reins his sweetheart holds tightly to his arm. Cold snow brushes against her face and the ring of the sleighbells that gently bounce on the horses back create a beautiful sound that causes her to smile as she remembers sleighrides like this with her father when she was very young. Jessie, the dog, joins the fun as she trots alongside the cutter. When she gets tired she will be held on the lap of Ethan's sweetheart as they finish the drive home. Available as; 5x7 blank Greeting Cards $3 ea. 8x10 Signed print $20 each 172090455 The Horse Fair ...revisited Horse Fair...Revisited copyright 2007 English Halter Championship ~ 1909 Story: The warm wind gently blows clouds by, the shadows lengthen across the grass on the track showing signs of the afternoon passing. All day excitement has been building, leading up to this last class and its outcome. Around the big beautiful Grand Stand (which is filled to the brim) the crowds are gathering. Along the fence, they watch the judge and all the horses trotting by him, hoping to catch the judge?s eye, then into the line-up. The judge will walk by them one more time before he makes his final decision. Soon the Blue Ribbon will be awarded to the best at the fair. Bragging rights along with the title go to the winner until next year?s fair. The inspiration for this painting came from the wonderful old county fair held at Galesville, WI. The Grand Stand and ticket booth were original and still looked this way in the late 1970s. This is available as 5 x 7 greeting cards. 59531309 Ladies and Lessons The riding lesson is about to begin. The trainer makes a last minute adjustment on one of the side saddles. The painting on the wall beneath the balcony gives an atmosphere of being outside even on frigid fall days leading to winter. Family, friends and on-lookers can watch from the balcony as their favorite rider improves on their riding skills. The stable mascot takes refuge on the mounting steps, safe from the pounding hooves of the fancy horses. The great hall echoes sounds of laughter, whispers, hooves hitting the ground & commands from the trainer; ...Steady hands!....Trot on!....Chin up!.... Back straight!....Collect your canter!!....Good job! Available as cards only at this time. 172090456 Over the River, Down the Lane Story: can hear from afar the sleigh bells as they sing out - Jingle, Jingle, Jingle. The snowflakes float gently down to put a soft white cover over everything. The couple has been out visiting with family all day. The horse is hitched and heading home before dark falls. The warm lights dance from the windows, urging the couple onward. Jessie, the dog, jumps up on the bottom rail of the yard fence, to see what's breaking the silence of the falling snow as the sweet sound of the sleigh bells get louder & louder. The cutter pulled easily thru the fluffy snow, crosses over the bridge and heads down the lane towards home. Available as Cards and 8x10 prints. 59531314 Saddlebreds on Parade Saddlebreds on Parade 1998 Story: The excitement of a horse show, any horse show that has the beautiful American Saddlebreds performing in it always excites the audience as the horses put on a show of talent, power and grace. You can hear the hoof beats marching down the rail to the beat of the music. You can see the long tails flowing back and forth to the movement of the horses, whose eyes are big, ears up and nostrils flaring. The silhouettes here dance with their power and grace to their performance as they are looked upon by the gift of beauty. This is available as a large print, Image size is 15 x 20 and 5 x 7 greeting cards and 8x10 signed prints 59531316 The Great Winter Sleigh Race...Final Stretch The Great Winter Sleigh Race...Final Stretch 2003 Story: All year the anticipation has been building for this winter event. The soft sun has peaked in and out of the stormy clouds throughout the day, and when the race began, so did the snow. Competition has hit its high as the lead horses head into the final stretch... Snow flying, horses breathing hard, the honor of bragging rights fall to the winner of the Great Winter Sleigh Race. This is available as a large print, image size 16 x 26 , as 8 x 10 lithographs and 5 x 7 greeting cards. 59531319 The Helper Story: The horse show has been moving along at a fast pace, little attention has been shown to the small spotted Jack Russell. The farrier has been very busy, he barely has time to put his tools away and he's off fixing another hoof problem. As he finishes replacing the front shoe on the big chestnut mare, the Jack Russell has decided to be his helper by borrowing one of the farriers tools. The tired farrier looks around and calls to the small dog to return the object, but the excited dog loves the attention and he hops and prances around, wagging his tail, enjoying the fact that someone has finally noticed him. This card is dedicated to the memory of Barry Yount. Available as cards 59531320