Clydesdales - NEW! Clydesdales - NEW! Feeding The Flock Story: Morning Chores in winter can be a challenge. No one likes to leave a warm home and head out into the cold snow, but it has to be done. When all the barn chores are done then the two brothers head out to care for the flock. Light snow begins to gently fall as they spread out the sweet-smelling hay for the hungry flock. Jessie, the dog, keeps watch on Big Old Sam, the Clydesdale, to make sure he doesn't pull forward till the brothers give the command. Available as: 5x7 Blank Greeting Cards $3 each 8x10 Signed prints $20 each a larger print is also available, please call for more information - 715-286-2464 142482737 Into the Light The warmth of the morning dictates how hot a day it will be. But the field work has to be done when the sun shines. The big bay team of Clydesdales pull the field machinery down the narrow road from the farm to the waiting field. The big trees move gently in the breeze as if touching and reaching for each other to cast the dark shadows and bring a welcome relief from the climbing temperatures. Into the bright light slowly trot the team as they are always accompanied by Jessie, the faithful farm dog. Available as: 5x7 Blank Greeting Card $3 each 8x10 signed print $20 each A larger sized print is also available, please call for more information - 715-286-2464 142482738 Points of Interest STORY: Yesterday was a warm winter day but today the cold damp air has caused a beautiful frost to cover everything. Left over hay from last night's feeding seem to attract the interest of some of the gentle Clydesdales, but two have decided to enjoy each other's company. They are half-sisters and have always given each other a good back-scratching, an activity that does take teamwork to reach that one itchy spot they can't get at on their own. Available as: 5x7 Blank Greeting Cards $3 each 8x10 Signed Prints $20 each Larger sized prints also available, please call for more information - 715-286-2464 142482739 Summers Bounty STORY: When farms were small and everyone was needed to help in some way, a farmer was considered well-off by the amount and quality of the animals he owned and the children his wife bore him. Spring, summer and fall meant long hours, up before dawn and early to bed. The reaping of summer's bounty shows all the work that went into spring plowing, working the fields and planting. Hay, oats and straw, corn...all have to be harvested and brought to the farm to feed the animals in winter. When the weather cooperates and all these other things occur on time, a farm can flourish and grow to be passed on to the next generation. Available as: 5x7 Blank Greeting Cards $3 each 8x10 signed prints $20 each Larger prints also available, please call for more information 715-286-2464 142482740 The Cross Roads STORY: Different directions, different destinations. Thats what a crossroads offer. Go to the left and you go into town. Go to the right and you head for your nearest neighbors, a mile down the road. Cross the road and your going home, and thats where the big team of Clydesdales is heading. Coming from visiting the neighbors the team picks up the pace, as they head down this road. The neighbors' boy runs to say good-bye. The family had a great time, even Jessie feels like playing with the team. AVAILABLE as: 5x7 Blank Greeting Cards $3 each 8x10 signed Prints $20 each Also available in a larger print, please call for more information 715-286-2464 142482741 Dancing Bells Story: As evening envelopes the countryside, the soft sound of hoof beats grows louder through the light, fluffy snow. The speed quickens and the jingle of many bells pierce through the crisp, cool air. The strong, bold gait of the big Clydesdale seems too much for the old leathery strap that lay across the back of the bay horse. A gift from his grandfather, the long leather strap of brass bells has been used every winter many, many times for countless years. It seems that the buckle to hold the strap together has broken and this has sent both ends of the strap of bells wildly dangling as if dancing to the beat from the motion of the excited horse. Jessie, the dog, has noticed the commotion and sweeps left and right, jumping up and down, trying to silence the noise of the unorchestrated dancing bells. Available as signed 13 x 18 prints, signed 8 x 10 prints and 5 x 7 greeting cards. This is a companion to "Sleigh Bells" 172092284