New for 2014! New for 2014! First Romp Story; The early summer morning wakes up to a small black and white surprise deep in the lush, moist grass. Soon the sun's rays fall across green fields and takes the chill off of everything. As mother looks back to check on her treasure, she sees her calf romping through the soft grass as if racing the sun's rays to see who can reach mom first. The wobbly legs are strengthened with each passing hour and now the time has come for breakfast to warm the newborn's belly and bring contentment to both mother and offspring. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Cards 8 x 10 signed prints 196791013 Grandpa was a Farmer Story; As you look into his face, the deep wrinkles show the years of living a hard but rewarding life. With his wife, they raised their children and now he enjoys his grand and great-grand children. He tells them stories of when he was a young boy and what life was like back so many years ago while he was growing up. All the hard times and all the good times seem to show on his weathered, whiskered face. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Cards 8 x 10 Signed prints 196791014 Afternoon Plans Story: Everything is covered in a soft white blanket, the flurries have been falling all day. The couple decides a short sleigh ride to the edge of the small frozen lake will be as much fun as the skating they have planned with some of their friends and neighbors. Emma waves from the porch, letting her sister, who is passing by , know that soon she and her family will soon join them for as afternoon of ice skating, some sled ridding for the children, and lots of hot chocolate for all. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Cards 8 x 10 Signed Prints 196791015 Chickens and the Chores Story; The Brothers, Ethan & Luke, get up early every morning even during summer vacation to do their chores. They really enjoy feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs. Both of the boys have their favorite hens and rooster, they have even named them. They know that these collected eggs will be made into a great breakfast of fried eggs, of maybe pancakes, with mom's homemade bread & jam or maybe Grandma will bake some cookies or a delicious cake. This is a chore that produces great benefits...the boys learn good work habits and get to eat the results. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print 196791016 Every Little Detail Story; The ballerina kneels on the floor as she adjusts the flowered hair piece on the youngest dancer. She is the oldest of the girls and helps the younger ones to look their best as their group is soon to perform. The little ballerina is sure something is not quite right on the back of her tutu or perhaps her tights are not straight, but I think it's only her nerves. The oldest assures her everything is fine and she has no need to worry about her looks because the performance will go on and be over before she knows it. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print 196791017 December Sky Story; As the soft yellow sun sets in the west, rays roll across the crisp snow toward the dark, heavily laden clouds in the east. The worst storms seem to come when the weather and wind is from the east. So the couple has decided to take a short sleigh ride, with their grey mare, now and be home before the weather changes. In a day or two the snow may be too deep to enjoy any kind of a drive. Jessie, the dog, decides its better to tag along now while the snow is not deep than to have a hard time leaping over snow drifts later. The smoke from the chimney and the glow in the windows seem to say ?Don?t stay away too long because the December Sky is approaching.? Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Cards 8 x 10 Signed Prints 196791018 Fetching the Cows Story; The darkening sky threatens again and again to open up and let the much needed rain soften the hard ground. Storms have startled the herd in the past, so father has sent Ethan out with Mollie the dog to bring the herd home. Besides, soon it will be time for milking and the herd and family will be in the barn, doing chores, safe and sound from the downpour that's expected. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Cards 196791019 A Morning's Surprise Story; As the morning wakes and the suns' rays spread softly across the pasture and covers everything in it's path, another little miracle struggles to stand up just in time for the warm, glowing rays of a new world to gently fall upon her. Mom checks on her new baby. Soon baby will taste her mom's sweet comforting milk that warms her and gives her the energy she will need to romp across the fields and explore her new world. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Cards 196791020 In Soft Shadows ... Dance Future Dreams Story; Ella sits on the polished floor, meditating as she rests from a long dress rehearsal and practice for the upcoming performance. The sun peeks in thru the tall windows and the light gently falls across the ballerina. As she quietly stares off into a dim lit corner, she recalls her dream when young, to be a great dancer. As shadows dance on the wall she pictures herself gracefully moving across the stage and being held by a handsome male dancer. It has been a long road to fulfill her dreams. Tomorrow night as she steps out on to a brightly lit stage in her beautiful attire she will dance as if on air and the feelings of this performance will stay with her forever. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print Larger size also available. 196791021 A Winter's Reading Story; The trees line the lane like guards as attention, branches slightly swaying in the wind sending bits of snow tumbling downward. The old Albany cutter once again is out and being slowly pulled down the narrow lane toward as afternoon of literary relaxation. A group is meeting in the small town at the old library for a book reading accompanied by hot chocolate and tea. There?s not much to do in winter in a small town. The book club started this many years ago and all who attend seem to look forward to each gathering. When they bundle up to go home, they will recall the enjoyment had by all and won?t even notice winter?s chill. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print 196791022 Shades of Summer Story; The afternoon light has softened as the day wears on. Shadows begin to lengthen and the heat of the day turns to a bearable warmth. This is the last load of the day. Although spring has come to end and summer just began the hay crop has already been bountiful. The sweet smell of sun dried hay is almost overpowering as the farmer guides the big chestnut team down the back road to get to the farm. The gentle noise of the hooves hitting the ground and the low, constant squeak of the metal wheels turning almost lure the tired farmer to sleep, he and the horses have had a full day of work and look forward to rest tonight. Jessie feels great as she has had many naps on the edge of the field in between all the haying and hauling. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print 196791023 Mama's Spring Treasure Story; The little white mare named Fay is no longer a young filly. She has seen many springs come and then turn into summer with no foal by her side. But little Fay just hasn't been able to produce a foal for many years. Thinking that she was long past becoming a mother again, she held no hope for last years' breeding. Over the winter though, as her girth has gotten wider, her hopes begin to grow. It was a warm spring day when that small treasure was born. Fay will enjoy this foal more than all her others, as it will probably be the last gift she can give her owners. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print 196791024 Last Minute Story; A s Lori bends down to help her younger sister Sarah, the music has begun, which announces that the performance is soon to begin. Lori has been in several dance recitals, she has been taking ballet lessons since she was 6. But for Sarah this is her first on stage performance. Sarah is very excited and is sure her slippers won't stay on, so Lori does the last minute inspection to see if anything is loose and could distract Sarah from her opening night performance. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print 196791025 Every Which Way But Home (2013 Hoard's Dairyman cover) Story; It was a good purchase; the old farmer bought 3 cows from his close neighbor, who has been ill, and lives just down the lane. With his grandchildren and the 2 dogs, Jessie & Mollie, the old farmer hopes he can encourage the cows down the road to his farm, it's just a short walk. It started out fairly well, then the 3 cows began to drift off in different directions. Perhaps the old farmer will need reinforcements by getting the rest of his grandchildren to help round up the guide these bovines to their new home. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print Larger print also available. 196791026 Along The Ridge Story; The snow has stopped falling and as the wind whips thru the trees, the clouds clear away to leave behind a crisp, blue sky. Grandpa has been promising his grandchildren a trip to the top of the ridge behind the farm to see the beautiful view, for some time now. The path along the ridge has a pretty view no matter what season. But as the big team pulls the old sleigh thru the new fallen snow and the brass bells sing out across the valley, Grandpa thinks back many years to when he and Grandma sat, side by side, in a sleigh ride of their own along the same ridge. The wind blowing cold against their faces and the sound of bells reaching out across the valley, warms his thoughts and soul thru as in the past so also today. Available as; 5 x 7 Blank Greeting Card 8 x 10 Signed Print 196791027 Making Memories Story; As Ethan approaches, he waves to his sister Sarah, younger brother Luke and cousin Michael. They are all hard at work building their biggest snowman ever. This is a special day. They have waited and worked hard all semester because this is the first day of their holiday vacation. There is not a minute to waste sitting around the house. The Jersey girls check out all the commotion on the other side of their fence and enjoy the unexpected company and excitement, not to mention the arrival of breakfast on the sled. When the building project is done, then all will head into the house to warm up. Over hot cocoa and cookies the children will talk softly and giggle about ?borrowing? Dad?s red knit hat and scarf for their creation. They wonder if he?ll notice the ?familiar? clothing keeping the snowman warm? Making memories isn?t hard, it?s just sharing a special moment in time with someone you love. This image is the December 2014 cover of Hoard's Dairyman. Available as: 5x7 blank greeting cards 8x10 signed prints 197192888 Grandpa's Special Sleighride Story; Mid-afternoon has turned into soft shades of December gray. The snowflakes glide down ever so slowly. Everything is fluffy as if the earth is covered in a layer of comfort. Grandpa always has a special day he looks forward to in December when the weather is just right, not to cold and gently falling snow is a must. He hitches up Belle and Bob, his team of big black Percherons, to the old ( but newly painted) bob-sled. He will load bales of straw for everyone to sit on and extra blankets. The Grandpa will put under his seat the hot chocolate and cookies Grandma made. Then he and his team head out to pick up his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As the sleigh ride starts everyone?s excited, talking and singing, the sleigh bells jingling and Jessie the dog has decided to catch up and join the fun. Available as; 5x7 Blank Greeting Cards 8x10 signed prints 197193007