new for 2016 new for 2016 Momma's Helper Hoard's Dairyman cover for December 2016 203687136 Early Morning Sleighride 203687137 A State Fair Fantasy Up and down, round and round the carousel goes. The big white horse yearns to be free of the merry-go-round, he wants to be like the horses he sees running in the fields from his train car on the way to a new town waiting for the carnival. If only he could feel the cool grass under his feet and be blanketed in the bright rays of the warm sun. Oh, if only he could be real! Just then a touch of a small soft hand caresses his neck, he hears a giggle and a father has just boosted up his young daughter in the big white brightly colored saddle. The big white wooden horse ponders how much he would miss the children's laughter and excitement as he takes them on their rides on the merry-go-round. As a carousel horse he gets to see the country, he's well maintained when he's taken down and packed away for the next town. Best of all he gets to make children and even adults happy. It wasn't long before he realized that the other side of the so called fence doesn't hold anything better than what he already had. 203687138 Three Together Story; The sounds of the crisp snow on a very cold day alerts any critter that the pretty Fjord mare "Reterra Erika" is trotting down the snow covered path and over a small creek in the backwoods and hills of Ludington, WI. Erika pulls her mistress Jacki in the old black portland cutter that she has been hooked up to for many winters. As the snow gentle falls and covers the imprints left behind, meg the dog has caught up with Jacki & Erika. She has been bouncing from one side of the road to the other, checking out interesting smells and sights. It is a time of enjoyment for all three. Available as; cards and signed 8x10 prints 203687139