Winter Draft Horses Winter Draft Horses Lights of Home Lights of Home 1996 Story: The snow is swirling in all directions and fast forming into drifts. The old radio on the ice-box forecasts a let-up by morning, but with company coming tomorrow, Grandpa and the team have been working hard to clear the long driveway of the deep snow. Excitement in the house had been mounting all day. Beth and Lori, watching for Grandpa, quickly dress up and run out to meet him. The horses quicken their step, for dusk has fallen and the gentle lights of home are beckoning. The team and Sara can already feel the warmth from the lights of the barn, with its big open doors offering them a refuge of peace and rest. Available as; Large prints, Image size 18 x 24 Showcase prints, Image size 13 1/2 x 18 And as 5x7 greeting cards & 8x10 signed prints 59128753 Sleigh Bells Sleigh Bells 2010 Story: As the young 2 year old Percheron mare is hooked to an old flat sled for practice pulling with the sound of bells, she moves forward...Something is different: The sound of many jingles seem to be following her. She turns her head around slightly to see what is making the commotion behind, suddenly the neck strap of bells swings to the opposite side. The mare begins to pick up her pace. Something new has been added to her schooling, it interrupts the silence of trotting hooves in the soft snow. Jessie, the dog, keeps pace with the mare making sure everything goes smoothly, they have been friends since the mare was born. Available as 13 x 18 signed prints, 8 x 10 signed prints and 5 x 7 greeting cards. This is a companion to "Dancing Bells" 101851351 The Last Log story coming soon 59128754 Dancing Bells Dancing Bells 2007 Story: As evening envelopes the countryside, the soft sound of hoof beats grows louder through the light, fluffy snow. The speed quickens and the jingle of many bells pierce through the crisp, cool air. The strong, bold gait of the big Clydesdale seems too much for the old leathery strap that lay across the back of the bay horse. A gift from his grandfather, the long leather strap of brass bells has been used every winter many, many times for countless years. It seems that the buckle to hold the strap together has broken and this has sent both ends of the strap of bells wildly dangling as if dancing to the beat from the motion of the excited horse. Jessie, the dog, has noticed the commotion and sweeps left and right, jumping up and down, trying to silence the noise of the unorchestrated dancing bells. Available as signed 13 x 18 prints, signed 8 x 10 prints and 5 x 7 greeting cards. This is a companion to "Sleigh Bells" 172092603 Home . . . At Last STORY: This team has just come home from what seems as a very long snowy day in the woods. For the home needs wood to heat and to cook with, to make warmth and food for those who have been out in the bitter winter this particular day. The team has done their work well. All they ask is a warm dry place to eat and rest, to be taken care of, just as they have taken care of their master's needs for fuel, so the master will take good care of his team. For he knows they are more than just animals, they are companions in the survival of this homestead. #2 in the Winter Workhorse Series. Sold Out in Large and Showcase size prints, available in cards and 8x10. 200707759 the Storm STORY: The snow has not let up, the wind blows across the fields and sends a chill down to the bones. Chores need to be done and animals need to be fed. The teams pull the hay laden bobsled across the deep snow that covers the frozen ground. The cattle will gather around the fallen hay, they will eat to keep warm and hopefully they will survive The Storm. #1 in the Winter Workhorse Series. Sold Out in the large print and Showcase size, Available in cards and 8x10. 200707710 Homeward Bound STORY: Out of the shadows of the deep woods races Jessie (one of our farm dogs) and Beth, who has just come home from school. She has taken a short cut to catch up with Grandpa, so she can get a ride home on the sled. Grandpa's been out in the cold all afternoon, cutting wood to take back to the farm for the home fires. Sara, our collie, has kept Grandpa and the big greys company for the day. She's glad to be homeward bound, to the warm spot behind the cook stove. #3 in the Winter Workhorse Series. Available in prints, cards and 8x10. 200707760 Three's Company 200707761 The Boys. . . .Heading Home 200707778 Deep Snow Story: For three days the snow came down heavy and light at times, flying in all directions from the stormy north winds. Silence...and morning breaks with a stillness. Wood reserves are running low on the farm and since everything is heated and cooked with wood, a trip to restock is necessary. This is no problem for the big team of black Percherons, Buck and Bill. Many times they have headed out to the backwoods in all seasons to help get what the family needs. As they pull the large log through the woods headed for home, the team steps high and pull together through the deep snow of winter. 200707779 Fresh Snow STORY: Up the hill and thru the woods, rambles the road to town. The morning sun is shining its light across the hills, dancing through the trees causing long shadows which bring a soft glow to the branches that hang heavy with the fresh snow. The big, black team of Percherons easily pulls the bobsled as it heads to the village. Grandpa leans forward to check the harnesses and eveners behind the team. Lori reaches over the side of the sled and waves to her neighbor friends, Ethan, who is pulling his younger sister Sarah. They are headed to the best sledding hill around for a cold morning of fun. Jessie, the dog, prances playfully, then comes to a stop to greet those passing. Everyone seems to be enjoying the new Fresh Snow. 200707780 A Winter's Journey STORY: As the afternoon stretches out to dusk, the snow begins to gently fall. Grandpa has hitched up his big boys to the old green sleigh (the one he used to take Grandma out in when they were courting, many years ago, perhaps to a dance with another couple on a cold winters eve). But today Grandpa and Grandma are taking a sleigh ride just a few miles down the road to return their grandson, Martin, back home from a weekend of visiting. Martin likes helping Grandpa feed and brush the big horses, but he really loves to play with Jessie the dog. They have played snow tag all day. Martin even helped Grandma in the kitchen with some chores and as a reward, warm apple pie by a comforting old cook stove. Now as they head out and the horses start to get their stride, Jessie races to catch up with the sleigh so she can ride with the family. This is one of her favorite winter pastimes. . . sitting on the back seat of the sleigh as the big team easily pulls the family along to its destination in this winter's journey. 200707781 Dashing Thru the Snow STORY: As the snow diminishes in this late afternoon, a few rays of sun slip cautiously thru the dark storm clouds and fall softly upon the big dapple grey as he pulls the old red cutter and his master up the snow covered hill, then carefully between the tall, sleeping Birch trees. Jessie the dog races ahead of the cutter to show the way home. When Jessie tires (and soon she will) up she'll go to ride next to her owner for a well deserved rest. Then both will sit, side by side, rocking back and forth to the beat of the pounding hoofs pushing thru the snow and the swaying of the cutter hitting the drifts onward. . . as they go dashing thru the snow. 200707782 Grand View 200707783 Grandpa's Special Sleighride NEW for 2015! 200707838 Simple Splendor NEW for 2015! 200707839 The Covered Bridge on Maple Lane Story: The falling snow is coming to an end, the sun peeks through the clouds, causing soft shadows to stretch across the land. As the tired team of percherons approach the covered bridge you can hear the sounds of laughter coming from the frozen creek below as the local children skate and sled on the ice. Jessie spies a squirrel crossing the road at the other end of the covered bridge. She takes off thinking she's going to catch that varmint. Down Maple Lane, it's beauty is held in every spring the trees are being tapped, in summer the trees shade the road, in autumn the colors are breathtaking but also in winter when the sun shines and everything glitters like diamonds on the snow. The old man farmer, his team and the dogs will be glad to get through the covered bridge, as home is only a short way down Maple Lane. Available as: 5x7 cards 8x10 signed prints 205491166 A Road Well Traveled Story: The wind has let up and its turned into a beautiful winters afternoon. Everyone seems to be enjoying the cold, crisp air. A light snowfall invites those who like this weather to venture out and enjoy the season. The young black percheron gelding easily pulls the couple in the cutter and perks up as a flock of birds take flight causing Jessie the dog to dash off down the snow covered path. Along the road which leads to town, the mild weather has encouraged more foot traffic. Its nice to see and greet your neighbors, as outings in winter seem much less on this road which is well traveled in any season. Available as: 5x7 cards 8x10 signed prints 205491167 Grandpa's Special Sleighride Story; Mid-afternoon has turned into soft shades of December gray. The snowflakes glide down ever so slowly. Everything is fluffy as if the earth is covered in a layer of comfort. Grandpa always has a special day he looks forward to in December when the weather is just right, not to cold and gently falling snow. He hitches up Belle and Bob, his team of big black Percherons, to the old (but newly painted) bob-sled. He will load bales of straw for everyone to sit on and extra blankets. Grandpa will put under the seat the hot chocolate and cookies Grandma made. Then he and his team head out to pick up his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As the sleigh ride starts everyone's excited, talking and singing, the sleigh bells jingling and Jessie the dog has decided to catch up and join the fun. Available as: 5x7 cards 8x10 signed prints larger sizes also available. 205491168