Children ~ Various Cards & Prints Children ~ Various Cards & Prints First Recital Cards and Prints available First Recital �1996 True Friends Are Rare Treasures Story: The big day has come for 8 yr. old Beth, who has been practicing her lessons most diligently. She's all dressed up and almost ready to go. It is the first time she will ever have played in front of a group of people. It is a piano recital for her music class. As Dad gets the car ready and Mom finishes dressing for the occasion, Beth practices one more time, but this one is special, for she gets to give her First Recital to her dearest and closest friends (on their farm) Jessie the dog and Gabby her cat. 59534001 A Vet in a Friend Indeed! Story: As young Jonathan sits in the soft, deep hay of his father's barn, he holds, ever so gently his favorite calf, Bonnie. She has been ailing and the wait for old Doc Brown, the veterinarian, seemed to take forever. Jessie, the dog, can only look on with concern, hoping soon Jon will come outside and play with her again. This is available as a print size 13 1/2 x 18 - Image about 16 x 20 overall. . . 8 x 10 lithograph print and 5 x 7 greeting cards. 129608605 Winter Fun Story: Two days. . . that was how long the snow story lasted. Ethan and his younger sister, Sarah, have been begging mom & dad to go out and play, but first the storm has to let up. Now the sun peeks thru in the late afternoon and the children have headed outside to explore the winter wonderland. No decent snowfall is complete without a snowman to greet friends and family who may stop in to visit. Jessie, their dog, dances around the building project as if to offer any help she may give. The air is cold and crisp, smoke lingers from the chimney, soon Ethan & Sarah, followed by Jessie, will head back inside to a piping hot chocolate & a warm fire to take the chill off, leaving behind their snowman to guard the entrance to their winter fun. Available as, 5x7 blank Greeting Cards 8x10 Signed Prints 129608606 Precious Story: As petals fall gently from the fragrant lilacs onto her apron, then tumble down to the floor, the baby has a brightly winged visitor that has been drawn to the sweet scent of the flower. The promise of spring and new growth appears everywhere...a young curious kitten waits patiently at the baby's feet in hopes that some affection will come its way. Available as a large print, Image size 16 x 20 a 8 x 10 lithograph and 5 x 7 greeting cards 129608607 For Only a Moment Story: The family is visiting Grandma's house for Sunday dinner. Everyone has helped out with the meal and clean up, giving Grandma time to enjoy her only grandchild. She loves her grandmother and Grandma loves her dearly. Many times her Grandma would tell her stories, sometimes about how she met grandpa, or how hard times were years earlier or about the large gardens she would have to help supply food for the family. But of all the things that the granddaughter loved best was when they were alone and Grandma read to her from an old story book that was Grandma's when she was little. For it seems children are young for only a moment, opportunities are made, not waited for, to share our time with our children and grandchildren. This is available as 5x7 greeting cards only. 129608608 The Path to Grandma's Story: The early morning mist is slowly rising and the girls are getting an early start on their visit to their Grandma's. Grandma looks forward to the visits from her two granddaughters who live just over the hill. The girls like helping Grandma weed her big garden and eat the luscious strawberries of the June harvest. They've picked a handful of wildflowers for Grandma, just as she use to on the same path so many years ago. Jessie, their dog tags along anticipating the goodies Grandma has been baking this morning for her expectant guests. The old house will greet the girls with spicy smells and warm love. The path to grandma's is never long when the end holds such sweetness. 450 signed and numbered prints (13 1/2 x 18 image size) available. Also 8 x 10 prints and 5 x 7 greeting cards available. please call for pricing of s/n prints. (715)286-2464 129608610 The Gathering 129608609 Robin's Winter Surprise! Cards and Prints Available 59534008 Sweet Contemplations Story: As the maiden carries the last of the cherry harvest, she glances down at the sweet little jewels and begins to contemplate just what delicious treat she will make for her family. She wants the lingering taste of these juicy, dark red cherries to last in their memories until next year's bounty. Cards and small prints available. See new page for pricing guild. 86496441 Early Morning Retrival 129608612 Big Old Joe Pen & Ink, Prints and cards available 129608611 Out & About cards available Out and About �2001 Story: A summer's jaunt down the lane, as the warm sun casts a shadow to the edge of the road. Jessie prances alongside the cart as the mare trots on. A social event up ahead at the neighbors promises for a fun afternoon of driving and riding in good company with all who enjoy their horses. 59534004 Lion and the Lamb Cards and Prints Available The Lion and The Lamb �1994 ...A Mere Young Child Will Be Leader Over Them Story: "The Lion and The Lamb" painted by Rozan Henning as an interpretation of a partial fulfillment of Isaiah 11:6-9. The idea came to paint this picture when my first grandchild, Lori, was born in Sept. 91'. I painted it for myself, to enjoy, but there has been such an overwhelming interest in this picture, that I decided to put it into print at a very low limited edition of 200 (18 x 24 Image size) and 200 (showcase, 14 x 17 Image size) signed and numbered prints available. It is also available as 8 x 10 lithograph prints and 5 x 7 greeting cards. 59534014 Daniel in the lion's pit cards and prints available 59533999 Jack & Jenny - mule headstudy Cards available Jack and Jenny "mules" Story: Something has this team looking intently down the field. This big, handsome team, worthy of bragging rights, a team to be proud of as its often said "The Pride of Missouri", will be remembered long after they have passed on. Available as signed 8x10 prints and 5x7 greeting cards 59534003 Daisies Daisies 2012 The soft sunlight flickers between the trees and rests gently upon a part of the flower garden. The daisies have been unusually happy and prolific this season, Constance blooms sway and mingle with their neighboring flowers. A big armful has been picked.... Daisies it will be for the coming company at dinner and perhaps a bouquet to send home with them as a reminder of the good time had by all. Available as; 5x7 Greeting Card 8x10 Signed Print 172092327 Home Before Dark 172092328 Old Red Barn 172092329 The Shepherd Boy Story; As autumn slowly replaces summer the sun floods the fields with a warm glow. The young shepherd boy has stood under this big, shaded tree for years, since he was just a wee tot with his father, who taught him the love of sheep. The flock has settled down, grazing in the open field. The sheep feel secure in the over-sight of the boy and his attentive sheep dog. The shadows stretch longer and longer as the days shorten. Available as; 5x7 cards 8x10 signed print 205491147 Sharing Winter's Fun 2018 Hoard's Dairyman cover 205491148 December Surprise 205491149