Henning Art Gallery & Sleigh Museum

A price guide for the prints on this website, please call or e-mail your order in!!

This is just a basic price guide and will be getting worked on in the future as time permits.

Cards; $3 each OR 10 cards for $20    S/h is $5 for up to 20 cards or $10 for more than 20 cards. So if you would like to order 10 cards the price will be $25 + tax, Please call for correct total! Thank You!

 Cards will fit into a 5x7 frame or if you prefer a mat they will fit a 8x10 frame too.


8x10 prints; $20 each, $5 for shipping and handling.. . If you are ordering MORE than 2 please call for shipping prices. These will fit into a 8x10 frame or you can use a mat for a larger frame size.


13x18 NON-lithograph prints, $40. Please call for shipping prices. And to verify which images are this kind!



Regular prints (larger sized) ; range from $80 - $105. Please call or email for more information. . . in the description it will say whether there are larger prints available or not. 


For more information and to speak to the Artist herself please call (715) 286-2464.

   Or e-mail us at henningartgallery@live.com